Loire Vins DomaineThe art of unearthing wine estatesA French Label of tradition at the very heart of the Loire Valley.

Our Domaines

Bois Mozé, a jewel in the heart of the Anjou Region

Bois Mozé

Located in Coutures in the Anjou Region, the Domaine du Bois Mozé is blessed with a clay-limestone soil conducive to Prestige Cuvees.

Discover all the wines from Bois Mozé: Anjou Blanc, Anjou Villages, Rosé de Loire, Cabernet d’Anjou, Coteaux de l’Aubance and Crémants de Loire. Enjoy the round and velvety tannins of these wines of rich aromatic complexity. 

At the Bois Mozé, there is a wine for every occasion.


The Château de Varrains, two centuries of history

Chais Varrains

At the heart of the Saumur-Champigny AOC, the Château de Varrains is a haven of peace.

Discover this Domaine and the story of the family that owned it and who, from 1848 was one of the most important wine producers of sparkling wines in the Saumurois Region.

Come and see us in Varrains and taste our Saumur Champigny, a soft and velvety wine produced on the Clos Chapin, an enclosed plot of 12 acres. We will also show you around our 7-acre underground cellar!


Once upon a time, there was the Château d’Eternes


Château d'Eternes

Ideally located between the Poitou, the Anjou and the Touraine regions, the Château d’Eternes, built on a fortified castle from the ninth century, is blessed with an exceptional Heritage (a troglodytic dovecot from the thirteenth century, a chapel from the seventeenth century and a garden pavilion) and a vineyard of 37 acres.

Discover this Domaine, its underground cellars and its wine warehouse, which was created in 1999 and which holds a variety of Saumur Puy Notre Dame, Saumur Blanc and Saumur Brut vintages. 

The Domaine des Marquises, the history of the Bourgueil wine

Domaine des Marquises

Located at the heart of the Loire Valley, the AOC region stretches over an area of 3000 acres. The Bourgueil wine, this light-bodied and fruity wine considered to be one of the best wines of the Loire Valley, is produced on the Domaine des Marquises’ 140-acre vineyard.

Although the Bourgueil wine was produced during Antiquity, it did not become truly popular until the tenth century when the Benedictine monks from the Bourgueil Abbey really started to develop it. It was a real source of inspiration for poets such as Ronsard, Rabelais and Balzac. 

Ronsard praised in verse this wine in “Louanges de la rose”:

“Pour these roses into the wine,
Into this fine wine pour these roses,
And drink one to another, that
Those sad things we keep in our hearts 
May meet in drinking some kind of end.”

(English translation by David Wyatt, copyright © 2014, (re)printed on this website with kind permission)